DEAREST – Beacon


Dearest is a quartet from the Los Angeles area who we featured back in May after discovering their song, ‘Hunting‘ through a submission. ‘Beacon’ is the follow up to that tune and was released in October to a significant amount of love amongst the blogs. This is probably due to the masterfully sparse and ambient production the quartet creates, giving the tune an eerie yet inviting feel.

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Oh Wonder – All We Do + Shark


In September I was impressed by the subtle beauty of a debut track from a writing duo out of London named Wonder Wonder. The tune was ‘Body Gold’ and it served as the first of 12 singles to be released throughout the next year on the first day of each month. A progressive and fascinating release plan from the duo, now known as Oh Wonder, who are gearing up to drop their next song on Jan. 1st.

Until then, feel free to play catch up with us as we posted the two songs we haven’t covered, ‘All We Do’ and ‘Shark’, below.

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PaperWhite – Galaxy + Gold


Paperwhite is a duo out of Brooklyn comprised of siblings Katie and Ben Marshall whose blend of ethereal, dream pop created a wave of internet buzz that carried these talents high above the noise throughout 2014. While this is my first time covering them, ‘Galaxy’ and ‘Gold’ are actually the final pieces of a six track, debut EP entitled Magic that was released through UK based Duly Noted Records in November.

The EP represents a successful first year of promotion that will surely lead to bigger things in the months to come.

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Black Honey – Bloodlust + The Taste


Having been more or less absent for the past few months means I have a lot of catching up to do. Fortunately, as the year draws to an end our submissions (and music releases in general) decrease substantially, which gives me time to share some of my favorite discoveries of this fall.

With an edgy and raw energy I really jive with, Black Honey released their forth demo in five months that further cements these Brighton natives as one of the most promising new acts heading into 2015. Check out ‘Bloodlust’ and previously posted ‘The Taste’ below and be sure to give their catalog a proper go around when you get a moment (via SoundCloud).

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