Phoebe Ryan – Mine


Happy Friday players, wanted to slide one more tune your way before the weekend hits cause I’m feeling generous like that. It comes by way of Los Angeles singer Phoebe Ryan and her debut single, ‘Mine’, which dropped a few days ago via Yours Truly. Electro pop is by no means a wide open lane so coming with something fresh is imperative to making noise out of the gate, something Ms. Ryan does in spades with confidence and style we’re backin to the fullest. Her vocal performance is so bright and engaging, its hard not to see the potential of a new star burning on the 2015 horizon. No word on an official release date, but you may stream ‘Mine’ below.

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WULF – Lairs


Wulf is a charming new trio from London who peaked my interest through their latest effort, ‘Lairs’, a song with an unbelievably catchy chorus that should be used as an example in an indie rock guideline for aspiring writers (if that was a thing, of course). The song follows ‘Fire‘ as the second single off the group’s upcoming debut EP set for release this spring.

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Pink Gloves – 80s Girls


The SOS twitter account operates at a very manageable size allowing us to check out everyone who follows us. Prague based artist Pink Gloves was kind enough to do just that a couple days ago and upon checking out his music, I was oh so pleased he did, as his latest single, ’80s girls’, is pure bliss. A follow up to another tune entitled ‘Fading Stars‘, this is an inherently charming piece of pop that brings out all the nostalgic feels imaginable.

’80’s girls’ saw its official premiere via Crack In The Road and is available for stream below (courtesy of Opening Light Musique).

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Only You – The Pressure / Let Me Burn


Malibu via San Francisco singer-songwriter Rachel Fannan dropped two songs this week through her project Only You that we recommend lending an ear to. If you’re unfamiliar, don’t worry, The Pressure/Let Me Burn were our introduction as well, but what started as only curious intrigue ended with pure satisfaction after a few listens through these quintessential California tunes. The A/B-side was released as a part of LA label Hit City U.S.A.‘s wonderful For Immediate Release digital single series and is available to stream below. You may also head over to Hit City’s website for a free download.

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Lucy Mason – All You Want (Demo)


Lucy Mason is a singer-songwriter from London by way of Australia, catching many ears and eyes this month with a newly released demo entitled, ‘All You Want’. The song does not hold back in emotions or power with heavy, almost orchestral, production that is handled with ease and care by young Luce (rap name?). Anyways, the fact this is a demo makes it hard to imagine what’s in store for the cuts on her forthcoming debut EP, but I’m excited and can guarantee after streaming below you will be too.

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