October Part 3


A collection of proper electronics for a Thursday sure to be filled with fun.

Tourist – Wait

Odesza – Say My Name (RAC Remix)

Starsmith -Now I Feel Good (Club Edit)

Louis Mattrs -Oops X Wus Good

Thrupence – Silk

Davidian – Could Never (Original Mix)


Figgy – You Were Mine

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October Jams


Zella Day – Hypnotic

Astronauts etc. – Sadie

Celeste – More Lives

MY BODY – Boys

DOTTER – My Flower

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Back For A Moment


Wow been a seriously busy month, can’t believe so much time has passed since I last shared some music. Below is a collection of wonderful tunes I’ve been listening to recently. Trying to figure out the best direction to take this website, as I don’t know what the coming months will hold, but know I won’t be able to post as much music.

Gonna drop off some more songs tomorrow though, so stay tuned.

Grand Courriers – Taking

Black Honey – The Taste (Demo)

Zola Blood – Leaves

Lupa J – Virus

PROM – Switch On

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HONNE – Baby Please


Following up a successful debut is never an easy task, but as they say you gotta strike while the iron is hot, something London duo HONNE must’ve heard loud and clear with, ‘Baby Please’, the epic follow up track to the equally seductive, ‘Warm On A Cold Night‘. Both songs are sure to melt hearts and further convince anyone who listens to purchase their EP, which came out on Monday via Super Recordings.

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Febueder – Owing


Developing a truly unique sound in this day and age seems like a nearly impossible task for new bands, so when I find a group with their own sound, I get excited. Enter Febueder, a group of 19 year olds from Ascot who just released a new single entitled, ‘Owing’, that sounds like just about nothing I’ve heard recently. While there is definitely a little bit of Robin Pecknold in singer Kieran Godfrey’s vocals, the comparisons to anyone else pretty much end there. These 19 year olds seem to have a very developed style and a clear idea of where they want to go with it, so take a listen and prep for their upcoming Lilac Lane EP, which is set for release October 13th via Melodic Records (available for pre-order, here).

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Aurora Aksnes – Awakening


Very impressed by a young singer from Norway named Aurora Aksnes whose single, ‘Awakening’, I found while reading some posts on Crack In The Road. I don’t know much, besides she is 17 and played some festivals in Norway this summer, but Ms. Aksnes has one of the most uniquely captivating voices I’ve heard in some time. I realize that statement is a bit cliche, but definitely keep an eye out for this one, as I expect her trajectory will begin to rise over the next few years.

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