Benjamin Booker – Violent Shiver


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Hot damn, meet New Orleans resident Benjamin Booker. Originally hailing from Florida, this kid could become a very important piece to the modern rock puzzle. That may be a bold statement, but lets check out his new (debut?) single, ‘Violent Shiver’, so y’all can catch these vibes. Right off the bat I get the feeling he gives very little fucks, authenticity is a word I don’t get to use often, but that’s exactly the aura Benjamin creates on his track. Sonically, the traces of blues and punk fused into things are what really make it pop off from just another rock n roll song. This raw production creates an ideal setting for Mr. Booker’s weathered vocals to take you along for a ride into his world, one you should sit shotgun for cause it seems like he has a lot to say. Enjoy this one folks, we don’t get many up and comers like this anymore.

ATO Records will be putting out 7″ vinyl of ‘Violent Shiver’, which you can pre-order here. Can’t wait? Get the digital download below or watch the official video here. Also (NBD but kinda BD) he has some shows with Jack White this summer.

Violent Shiver iTunes

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William Arcane – Reflected/Fade


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I started covering William Arcane a little over a year ago as he prepared to release his debut EP, Permanence. The project was very impressive from both a production and songwriting standpoint, so I wondered what would be next for him, especially since the London scene seems to be so enamored by his particular style of production. At the very least I expected some remixes or a vocal feature with bigger producers, but a year of radio silence has come and gone.

Not that I’m complaining, especially after listening to his newest single, ‘Reflected’, quality of over quantity always reigns supreme. Released via Pictures Music with a B-side called ‘Fade’, the spaced-out ambient production found on Permanence is still prevalent, but be ready for a more dance influenced sound that creates a beautifully futuristic, melodic jam.

You can stream both tracks and pick them up digitally via iTunes below.

Reflected Single iTunes

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Last September I got hooked on a song called ‘Unbound‘ by San Francisco based CATHEDRALS. The guy/girl electro-pop duo is definitely not in short supply, but something about what these two did stood out. Taking a less is more approach, no one has heard much from them since (except for singer Brodie Jenkins side project Ghost and Gale, which you should definitely check out).

However, last month the silence was triumphantly broken with ‘Harlem’, a towering synth-pop record that ventures into Sleigh Bells/Phantogram territory with rock elements (look out for a ripping guitar solo), complementing the already layered electro production perfectly. No word on an official project or release just yet, but you can stream the track below.

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Dessert – Player


Dessert Facebook

Hmm…this is kind of a what the fuck post cause I don’t really know how to put into words what I just listened to, but Dessert is a group (?) from Los Angeles (?) who released their 3rd single, ‘Player’, last week. Vocally soothing, the production is rather jarring, even unsettling at times and I kind of don’t understand how it all comes together to work so well. I’m gonna keep this short, but throughout the song these are things I thought about: Inception fight scenes, Tyler the Creator would prob think this is tight, and if the lyrics are endearing or creepy.

If you want more, ‘Lovelink‘ and ‘You’re Welcome‘ are equally as brilliant. ‘Player’ is available on iTunes below.

Player iTunes

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James Supercave – The Afternoon EP


James Supercave Facebook

I’ve been digging a new project called The Afternoon, by 5 piece, Echo Park collective James Supercave. Released on March 25th, the 4 song EP is a treat for those into more experimental sounding pop music (think early MGMT or Of Montreal). I called them a collective because the project seems to draw from a bunch of influences and kind of makes me envision the recording process being a super fun jam session/party, where they just threw sounds in at will and lacked any type of formula. The EP is delightfully unique and refreshing, listening through it for the first time was an unexpected sonic journey with surprises around every turn. Personal highlights include ‘A Million Days‘ or ’The Right Thing‘, but that will probably change after a few more days of listening.

The Afternoon EP can be purchased for digital download below or you can cop one of the limited 500 12″ vinyl via Hit City USA. Having just completed a month long residency at the Echo in March, catch James Supercave opening for War Paint at the end of April.

The Afternoon EP iTunes

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Zella Day – 1965


Zella Day Facebook

At the end of my post for Marian Hill’s new EP, I mentioned they remixed a song called ‘Sweet Ophelia‘ by Zella Day. I had no previous knowledge of Ms. Day, but have come to find out she originally hails from Pinetop Arizona, now calls LA home and has released two singles. ’1965′ (her second release) is the type of pop song that if given the chance, could go far, like, very far. It strikes a nostalgic chord and gives an unabashed perspective on those underlying emotions of holding onto what is familiar to combat the ever uncertain future that lies ahead of us all. That was a terrible explanation so please check the tune out for yourself, but if you catch feelings, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

B3SCI Records released a limited edition 7″ vinyl on April 8th, which you can order here. If digital downloads are more your thing, they are also available below. Please make sure to check out her official video for ‘Sweet Ophelia’ as well.

Sweet Ophelia/1965 BandCamp

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